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Bowling or Kegeln is a significant part of German Heritage. The Saengerrunde members have enjoyed bowling as part of their activities since 1895.

The Saengerrunde Bowling Club was officially formed in 1904. The original 2 bowling lanes were replaced with 4 lanes after the purchase of Scholz Garten in 1908. In 1927, the center was expanded to its current 6 lanes. The automatic pinsetters were installed in 1973. The center is one of the oldest continuous operating bowling centers in the United States.

The Saengerrunde club facility includes a six-lane bowling alley certified and maintained to USBC standards. It is available to all club members. There are currently three nights of league bowling, September through May. We have men's leagues on Monday and a mixed league on Wednesday and Thursday. During the summer months there is one night of mixed league bowling.

All Saengerrunde member bowlers are eligible to bowl in an annual club tournament and an annual Texas Tenpin tournament. In addition, the club has an annual member/guest tournament. All tournaments and leagues are certified by the USBC.

Our club offers an enjoyable, affordable environment for both serious and not so serious bowlers, and for both young and old. Fellowship and family atmosphere are paramount.

The bowling center is available for rentals when there is no Saengerrunde event scheduled.



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