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The Beerthoven Concert Series is a down-to-earth, approachable celebration of classical song, chamber music, and beer; a quirky mixture of Bach and Doppelbock in a unique and intimate setting. Beerthoven finds its inspiration in the musical and festive events at the Austin Saengerrunde as well as the private “salon” concerts of Beethoven’s own time. All Beerthoven events feature live classical music, free beer, and other refreshments. There is no backstage area here; audience members may even find themselves standing in line for beer with the performers.

Beerthoven began in 2014 as an auxiliary of the Austin Saengerrunde, combining the club's love of great German music and great German beer. In 2015 Beerthoven began to broaden its reach in the community by joining the Austin Creative Alliance, a non-profit umbrella, and by including non-Germanic music in its programming. The Saengerrunde continues to serve as the primary venue and major sponsor of Beerthoven.

Our mission is to offer uplifting musical experiences through down-to-earth means. A special effort is made at Beerthoven events to make them free of unnecessary rules and formalities to which the audience must adhere. It is our hope that we might serve an audience that has or may develop an appreciation for classical music but would be unlikely to visit a traditional concert hall.

Beerthoven especially celebrates classical song and chamber music (for small ensembles of two or more). Programming is intentionally diverse in tone, instrumentation, and featured performers. Beerthoven supports local artists by offering fair compensation and a unique performance venue.

For more info on Beerthoven, including upcoming performances, please visit

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